A Few Words About Us

HELLENIC WASTE RECYCLING S.Α., is located in Athens and has branches in Thessaloniki, Larisa and Crete.
The company specializes in gathering, loading, transferring, sorting, processing and cleaning of all kind of sites. More specifically HELLENIC WASTE RECYCLING S.Α., offers solutions in:
• Gathering waste and cleaning services to all kind of companies.
• Providing all the necessary know-how concerning managing and recycling of all kind of material and waste. The company, also, searches, develops, manufactures, imports, exports and supports all kinds of recycling machinery.
• Managing, gathering, collecting, sorting and processing of all recyclable (many kinds of glass, paper, metal, plastic, textiles and electronics) and non-recyclable materials (food or garden waste).
• Management of metal scrap.
• Dismantling of factories and premises in general

HELLENIC WASTE RECYCLING S.Α., grew rapidly having as its main aim the gathering and processing of metal scrap which, in turn, was given to the Hellenic Steel Industries. Since 1992, the company expanded by use of modern technology and equipment, giving emphasis on new machinery concerning gathering, compression, transferring, sorting and recycling of most of the waste like household, industrial or commercial waste.
It, also, has an expanding group of customers with a view to bring pioneering technology and all the necessary know-how to the Greek market.
Until today, it has a steady growth which, in turn, made it a pioneering company. This growth has to do with four significant factors:
• Investment on new machinery and incorporation of up-to-date technologies.
• Quality, productivity, effectiveness and credit are the words that have made the company rival and trustworthy.
• Non-stop training of the company’s staff concerning issues of organization, materialization of projects, hygiene and safety.
• The close cooperation with major companies worldwide with an aim to benefit from their extensive and acknowledged expertise in recycling.
The company occupies more than 60 employees all over Greece while its real power lies in the flexible organizational structure and its well-trained employees.
All pioneering services provided by HELLENIC RECYCLING S.A. provide economical and environmental-friendly solutions concerning the issues of recycling operations both in the public and private sector.
HELLENIC RECYCLING S.A. ensures that all the available facilities in conjunction with the decrease of the environmental consequences and environment protection, is the company’s first and foremost priority. Last but not least we should mention that the company’s services are recognized by ISO 9001:2008, accredited by HELLENIC REGISTER SHIPPING.